Emsculpt NEO

Get ready to transform your body with EMSCULPT NEO® – the ultimate game-changer in muscle building and fat reduction. This groundbreaking technology will sculpt your physique like never before, without the need for surgery or any downtime. Rest assured, EMSCULPT NEO is FDA-cleared, so you can safely and effectively build muscle, enhance muscle tone, and boost your strength. Say goodbye to flab and hello to a fitter, more toned you with EMSCULPT NEO®.


The Benefits of Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt Neo is a revolutionary innovation in the field of body contouring, offering a host of benefits to its users. It is a non-invasive procedure that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat, leading to an enhanced body tone and structure. Notably, Emsculpt Neo’s high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology stimulates muscle contractions beyond what voluntary workouts can achieve, thereby delivering more efficient results. Additionally, the procedure also incorporates radiofrequency heating to eliminate fat cells, resulting in an average 30% fat reduction. This technology is safe, effective, and requires no recovery time, making it a convenient choice for those seeking to sculpt their physique.

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EMSCULPT NEO® is a revolutionary technology that builds muscle and reduces fat. It’s an innovative way to contour your body by stimulating muscle contractions with no surgery or downtime. EMSCULPT NEO is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively build muscle, improve muscle tone and increase strength.

Who Can Benefit from EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO is the ideal treatment for anyone looking to build muscle and reduce fat to get defined abs or a non-invasive booty lift. If you are frustrated by fad exercises or long hours in the gym and feel like you could use some help achieving your desired results, EMSCULPT NEO is the perfect solution for you. Our team will work with you on the best treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Treatment plans are customized to achieve the results you desire.

What Does EMSCULPT NEO Treatment FEEL like?

The EMSCULPT NEO procedure feels like an intensive workout of muscles in the target area being treated. The variable level is increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist during the course of the treatment based on your feedback. The level is gradually increased over the series of treatments. You can lay down, relax, watch TV and talk during the treatment. Use of portable electronic devices is not recommended since proximity to the EMSCULPT NEO applicator may cause damage to delicate electronics.

What’s New with EMSCULPT NEO?

Emsculpt NEO builds off its EMSCULPT predecessor. The original EMSCULPT used High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) energy. EMSCULPT NEO adds Radio Frequency (RF) treatment. This is a revolutionary innovation for the body sculpting industry. EMSCULPT NEO is the only device to combine HIFEM and RF energy into a single treatment. Adding RF energy to each treatment allows for up to 30% decrease in fat in the treated area.


EMSCULPT NEO uses sophisticated technology to simultaneously emit HIFEM energy with RF energy with a single applicator. These combined energies provide a synergistic effect, producing better results in a single treatment than would be individually produced through separate treatments.

The addition of RF to the EMSCULPT treatment optimizes fat reduction. As with the original treatment, EMSCULPT NEO delivers unprecedented muscle development using HIFEM energy. The energy passes safely through the skin to stimulate supramaximal contractions in the underlying muscle. The muscle contractions are far more powerful than a person can induce on their own through exercise. More than 20,000 contractions are induced through each treatment. Just as with exercise, the contractions press the body to adapt by strengthening existing muscle fibers and creating new muscle cells.

Before inducing the contractions, the RF energy heats underlying tissue. This warms the muscle up in preparation for the contractions. The RF technology adds a synergistic effect to the muscle building while also triggering lipolysis: the death of fat cells. Thermal energy via RF disrupts the fat cells. The lymphatic system collects the destroyed fat cells and processes them out of the body as waste. The fat cells cannot grow back after they are removed from the body. The fat cells are gone for good, producing long-lasting results.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Tangible results are felt right after the treatment, similar to an intensive workout of the target area muscles. Positive visible results for muscle toning are usually seen two to four weeks after the last session in the series of treatments. Positive visible results of fat reduction are usually seen 8-12 weeks after treatment. The underlying muscles require time to adapt and strengthen. Fat cells that are destroyed  during the series of treatments are gradually and naturally eliminated by the body. Visible results continue to improve for weeks to months after the treatment series.

How Many EMSCULPT NEO Treatments are Needed to See Results?

The number of treatments required is dependent on your desired results and where you are starting in terms of muscle tone and undesirable fat. One series of EMSCULPT NEO treatment will increase muscle up to 25% and reduce fat by up to 30% in the treated area. Many people are pleased with the results of just one series of EMSCULPT NEO treatment. Some people feel that they need more than one series of treatment to achieve their desired results. During your free consultation, one of our EMSCULPT NEO specialists will provide answers regarding how many treatments you may need to achieve your goals in the treated area

How Long Does the EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Take?

Depending on what questions you may have, your consultation will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

The EMSCULPT NEO treatment will take about 30 minutes. Some people may elect to have additional treatments performed. Since EMSCULPT NEO is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no downtime. You could schedule a treatment for your lunch break and return to work immediately after. Normal physical activities can be resumed immediately after your EMSCULPT NEO.

Is Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation Required?

No. EMSCULPT NEO is non-invasive and requires no pre or post treatment preparation.

Can EMSCULPT NEO Tighten Loose Skin?

EMSCULPT NEO is highly effective for building muscle and reducing fat – up to 25% muscle mass increase and 30% fat reduction per series of treatments – on the abdomen. EMSCULPT NEO may result in some skin tightening in the treated area. However, EMSCULPT NEO is not a skin tightening treatment

Is There Any Pain or Discomfort?

While pain and discomfort are relative and experiences will vary, EMSCULPT NEO involves minimal discomfort, if any. During the procedure, you will feel muscles contract with the treatment level gradually increased by the EMSCULPT NEO Specialist. After treatment, you will feel like your muscles have been worked. Any such feelings will be short-lived.

Can I Undergo an EMSCULPT NEO Treatment While Pregnant?

EMSCULPT NEO is FDA-cleared and has helped many people build muscle and reduce excess fat. However, the procedure is not recommended for everyone. Prior to or after a pregnancy, EMSCULPT NEO has no negative impact on women. However, pregnant women are advised not to undergo a EMSCULPT NEO treatment on any part of their body.

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